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Star Nemesis Xerath

Mod Information

Champion: Xerath
Modified skin: Default
Author: BlooJae
Mod version: 1.0
Description: The Cosmic Corruption Approaches.


-New model and texture
-Supports all champion texture quality settings
-Modified particles
-New SFX

The Cosmic Corruption, Xerath (Lore):

- Teachers at Valoran High the newest group of guardians have all had to go into hiding and have snuck under the crevices of Valoran. Until all students have gone missing and it relies on the staff to save the day (while undercover of course).

- Xerath the former chemistry teacher at Valoran High was taken under the Frigid Stars wing. She and xerath believed that science could lead the way to a higher form of power greater than any of the previous guardians including their former friends Vayne, Yuumi, and Lillia. Using recent students in believe that their youth could lead way to tracking what brings forward change and evolution. Xerath in his way to impress the Frigid star became less sentinent and has turned into a gaseous form of his previous likeness. Star Guardian Member Q and A:
What is Xerath's? : Guardian Animal(s)- Nye, the Scorpion Favorite Food(s)- The lives of the unwilling, oh and candy, specifically mentos. Favorite School Activity- Trying to push the scientific ceiling, and try new combinations of chemicals as see what happens. Favorite Thing About Being A Star Nemesis- "SMSPMDMSMDSMDSMDPNSNKD" , well said. Character Traits: Loyal, intelligent, but unaware of whats right.

Changelog: April 5th 24'- Fixed Particle Bugs and Healthbar for Patch 14.8





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