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Star Guardian Vayne

Mod Information

Champion: Vayne
Modified skin: Default
Author: BlooJae
Mod version: 1.0


-New model and texture
-New voice over (only on en-us)
-New animations
-Supports all champion texture quality settings
-Modified particles

-Since its last appearance the R particles are finally completely new!

The Star of Principal, Vayne (Lore):

- Teachers at Valoran High the newest group of guardians have all had to go into hiding and have snuck under the crevices of Valoran. Until all students have gone missing and it relies on the staff to save the day (while undercover of course).

- Vayne is the Principal at Valoran High, as the lookout of the group Vayne finds herself at the front of the pack usually the one making choices and was the one whom ultimately decided for her original team to head back out onto the public grounds. Shes always had a feeling she would have had to head back out one day and has been gearing up for the worst, ready to strike at any moment. Star Guardian Member Q and A:
What is Vaynes? : Guardian Animal(s)- Bruway, the Bat Favorite Food(s)- Watermelon, Kebobs Favorite School Activity- Monitoring the halls Favorite Thing About Being A Star Guardian- "Never knowing when you'll have to strike". Character Traits: Agile, Responsible, but lacks Empathy




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