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Spirit Blossom Rift '24 (Alpha Out Now!)

Mod Information

Modified skin: Default
Author: BlooJae
Mod version: Patch 14.8 (alpha version)
Description: Spirit Blossom Summoners Rift. Inspired and taken from Nexus Blitz from 2020.


-New models and textures - New Minions and Jungle Monsters
-Supports only Very High Quality (for now in alpha)
-Modified loading screen
-Modified recall effects


Bearded Shepherd- Grabbing Assets, and Original Concept
Nagiliant- Spawn Floors, top and bot lane textures (WIP will come in future update)

Statues on the map and who made them sexy skins: (not there in the alpha)
Taliyah- Froggles
Qiyana- Bearded Shepherd, Duxteh2
Zoe, Seraphine- BlooJae
Jhin- Yoru

Lillia- made by riot games, but was voted on twitter @TheBlooJae (i do votes frequently and will continue in future maps!)

Thank you to Spotlight's and news by Remus, Ryscu, Husel Pusel, Strong Porco, and Wikthe3rd

You can also download now the background music mod made by Un Pelotudo Jugando

Summoners Rift Skin Download:


April 17th 24'- Fixed the alpha version for patch 14.8

April 10th 24'- Skin has returned in an alpha state! What this means is everything has been updated and fixed *except the walls which are a WIP . Aka no statues flowers etc for right now. But this is a playable version with everything else updated till the walls are done.

October 27th, 23' - Patch 13:21 the map changed due to worlds patch, but its back! Jungle pets removed due to many bugs.





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