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Misono Mika Sion

Mod Information

  • Champion: Sion

  • Modified skin: Default

  • Author: お兄ちゃんの苗床

  • Description: Replaces base Sion with Misono Mika from Blue Archive




  • New model and textures

  • Supports all champion texture quality settings

  • Modified loading screen

  • Modified in-game/skill icons

  • Modified particles

  • Modified animations

  • Edited ability sounds

  • New voiceover fully replacing Sion’s 150+ lines and various store interactions




Download and Installation

This skin separates the base mod .fantome file, and the voice pack mod files for each language.

Additional Installation Instructions

Make sure to download the newest/latest base mod version available.

This mod supports all client languages. To install the custom voiceover files for your client language:

  1. Download the base mod

  2. Download the language file which matches your server, client & game language

  3. Import base mod into LCS

  4. Click on “Edit this mod”

  5. Go to the “Files” tab

  6. Import your language file (“Add WAD”)

  7. Close “Edit mod” window

  8. Activate mod and press “Run” to use the mod



  • Model from Blue Archive

  • Particle effects, textures from Blue Archive and various free BA MMD releases

  • Visual assets from Blue Archive CGs

  • Voiceover primarily from Blue Archive. Some combat voices from other games done by Mika’s VA Touyama Nao (FGO, Shironeko Project, etc)

  • Several voice lines generated by passing unvoiced Blue Archive story dialogue through the zomehwh vits model AI voice generator for Mika. All training data credited to original VA Touyama Nao once again

  • Ult global background music Theme 136 from Blue Archive

  • Dance background music All 4 You from Kaminomi (VA Touyama Nao)



Discord: oniichannonaedoko | お兄ちゃんの苗床#3074

If any of the mod particles, voices, etc break after a LoL update patch, feel free to let me know through DMs or comments.





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