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Diavolo Mordekaiser



Champion and Skin modified:

Mordekaiser (Default & Dark Star)






Custom models and textures

Custom animations

Support for all quality settings (might not be compatible with DX9 Legacy Mode)

Custom VFX

Custom SFX

Custom Voice-over for all languages

Custom loading screen and in-game icons

Custom screen overlay effects (see update 1.2)

Custom anime shader

A lot of bass

Time ski-


1.1: Increased his model size, so that he is actually about as big as other human characters.

1.1.1: Fixed the voice over being silent after the 13.20 patch. Redownload the MAIN FILE, not the voice over one

1.1.2: Added support for languages for the voice over. Select the one named with your language code and use that one only!

1.1.2: Fixed some VFX bugs that were brought up with the new season update

1.2: Added a new feature - if you kill someone in your Ultimate, a new, animated screen overlay effect will appear. See the last photo for a preview. The effect is stronger the faster you kill someone. (Kudos to our bin wizard, GuiSai, who conjured up code allowing us to do it)

1.2.1: Added another overlay effect: upon casting your Ultimate, a manga panel of Diavolo & King Crimson will appear in the upper right corner of the screen

1.2.2: Fixed some mispositioned VFX and packaged the voice-over with the main mod, so now you only download one file that should work for all regions

1.2.3: Fixed missing healthbar with 14.7 patch

1.3: Added a dynamic anime/cartoon shader. Consult the comparison image below for a preview

1.4: NEW: Remade the particle system from the ground up. It now features new vfx, including all of his spells and attacks, to a varying extent. Consult the new preview below.

NEW: Made the skin compatible with the Dark Star Skin. So you can choose either the Default or the Dark Star Mordekaiser, whichever you prefer.

1.4.1: Fixed the voice over being silent for languages other than English. Sorry about that!

1.4.2: Fixed the textures being wrong on lower qualities and wrong minimap icon.

1.4.3: Adjusted the manga panel on ult cast so it looks better on non-ultrawide monitors, and fixed an issue where Diavolo would get some random textures applied in Arena.


I, Diavolo, will be King, just like I always have been!

Coming back after a little break, I bring another JoJo mod with me, and by far the most extensive one yet. Includes:

- 4 Different models (Default Diavolo, Shadow Diavolo for Ult, King Crimson and Doppio)

- A full new suite of animations, utilizing both Diavolo and King Crimson

- Overhauled VFX

- A custom voice-over and SFX overhaul, with quite a lot of bass

- Two stances, battle (with stand out) and idle (with stand hidden)

- A lot of JoJo poses

- And, of course time ski-


- Sauronkaiser, for his general expertise in modding and letting me use his code for making the E ability look as it does

- GuiSai, for his general vfx help and know-how


- Passione Sound for their great collection of King Crimson sound effects

- EDIPTUS for making the beautiful art I used for the loading screen



I highly recommend watching the video, since the replay screenshots can't nearly do justice to the animations, vfx and sfx



If you like my work, I humbly invite you to follow me here:

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