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Butchers Bridge


Mod Information

Mode: Aram
Author: Leischii
Mod version: 1.7.10
Description: Brings back Butchers Bridge to ARAM. Current version is based on patch 13.22. Mod can work with later patches but tends to break more often than other mods do.



- A Bilgewater mapskin with textures and particle effects
- Bilgewater background music
- Gangplank announcer or Pyke announcer (Can be turned off in the ingame sound settings)
- New turrets, inhibitors, nexus and shops for both teams (Includes models, animations, particles and sounds)
- Poros replaced with wharf rats (Don’t let them bite you)
- Snowball summoner spell has been replace with orange and ships.
- Optional: New voice over for shopkeepers (Use the addon together with one of the two map mods)


Special Thanks

Special thanks go to:

Bearded Shepherd


Reinforced Soul






Version 1.7.10 (17.11.23)

Fixed for patch 13.22

Fixed missing brushes (Thx to Killerey)

Improved brush density (Thx to Killerey)

Improved background levelprops being too dark or transparent (FINALLY)

Removed brush animations (Will hopefully return in the future)

(Only main mods changed, shopkeeper vo addon doesn't need to be updated)

Version 1.7.9 (30.09.23)

Version 1.7.8 (20.08.23)

Version 1.7.7 (08.08.23)

Version 1.7.6 (15.06.23)

Version 1.7.5 (30.05.23)
Version 1.7.4 (15.05.23)
Version 1.7.3 (23.04.23)



Choose one:





Bug List


- A few levelprops are still missing. These don’t work with the workaround (Shadowsharks/Bottles).
- The ship sailing on the river is not synced with the bridge door. Ship might sail through the door.
- Brushes had to be redone for season 13 aram map. The only way for me to do this change in a managable way was taking over the howling abyss brush positions. Even tho this does work, the result is not as pretty as I would like it to be. The bw brushes are usually not as dense as they are now, which results in characters being less visible and brushes looking “off”. I hope to be able to improve this in the future again. Also the swaying animations are missing.


- Transitions from turret to destroyed turret don’t overlap correctly.
- Cast effect for chaos turret is missing. Waiting for Riot to fix spell origin setting.
- Changing teamcolors midgame results in smoke appearing from the turret as if it was destroyed.


- Special Vo interactions are missing. Still investigating…
- Red side shopkeeper is glitching through his tent when going back in. Need someone else to help me with this problem since it also needs animation modification.
- Using a different language than english results in an error during installation of the VO addon.


- First blood cannon shots are missing. There is no server event that could trigger this on normal aram, so not possible.
- Spectator mode is bugged. Jumping on the timeline can crash the game.
- Some levelprops don’t show up again when you turn on the “eyecandy”-setting ingame. Will be back with the next game and can be turned off ingame, just turning them back on ingame is not working for all levelprops.



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