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Blood Moon Hwei

Ok but who allowed a champion to have 10 abilities?


Credits to:

- Duxteh2 for creating the original concept art.

- aminoa (Discord) for creating an alternative splash art!

- MartynasXS and Bearded Shepherd for helping me.


This Skin includes:

- Custom Model

- Custom Splash Art

- Some VFX Changes

- Recoloured Bins

- SUPER SICKY ULTIMATE that I like so yeah. :>

Models Used:

- Base Hwei

- Winterblessed Hwei


- Nightbringer Kayn - Bloodmoon Jhin, Tryndamere, Thresh, Diana and Master Yi


Model Preview:

Spell Preview:


Replaced: Default Hwei

Version: 2.0


Changelog: Version 2.0

- Recoloured all Hwei Base skin bins

- Added R Shatter VFX (via Blood Moon Aatrox R Reset) - Fixed up the weights of a lot of the skin


Discord: _ronni_

Note: if you plan on doing a skin review or using it in a video please tag my Twitter @RiotRonni_, any credited artist, and link the post for the skin used. Thank you.


Known Issues:

- The Front and Back of the skirt thingy clip with the legs when walking.

- The Fur has some weighting issues and clips with the Paint Brush.

- Casting any of his abilities to reveal the spell set will show the original colour of those spells on his weird paint circle thingy behind him. (Orange Q, Blue W, and Purple E)

Finished Additions/Planned Additions:

- The model is finished.

- Fixed the Weightings of the Paint Palette and the Fur Thingy.

- Changed paint runes(?) to Blood Moon themed runes.

- Blood Moon vfx now appears on R Shatter. (Blood Moon Aatrox R reset)





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