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Hello everyone, and welcome to our tutorial on how to read and modify .bin files to take your custom skins to the next level. The program that we use on RuneForge is an application by Moonshadow–called Ritobin

When installing the program, make sure that you have the latest release installed, you can confirm as such on github:

Where you install the program by downloading the Ritobin .Zip file on GitHub.

Extract the contents into a folder you have specifically made for the tool and your .bin files.


Ritobin works in tandem with Obsidian and therefore you are recommended to follow the guide on how to use the application.

For our example, we will go with Aatrox where we will go through how we find his .bin files, and modify them. 


In our example, we will be using the .bin file for the Base Aatrox Skin, which can be found at his .wad.client file, under DATA/Characters/Aatrox/Skins

What you do, once you are in Obsidian and have found the folder including the .bin you wish to modify, is to click the box next to the .bin file and extract it where you wish to save it.


Once you have saved the .bin file in your preferred location, what you will do is go to where you have extracted Ritobin and open the Ritobin_gui application. 


From there the application will open up so you can find where you have saved your .bin file.

After you have selected the .bin file you wish to modify, Ritobin will then ask you where to save the converted .bin file. 


The converted .bin will be saved in a readable .py file which you can open and modify in any normal text editor or your preferred coding software. 


And that’s it! Now you can read and modify the .bin file!


This is all for our tutorial on how to read and modify .bin files using Ritobin! We sincerely hope that you will join our community and that we get to see what you make!

Once you have finished modifying your .bin file and you are ready to put it into CSLoL-Manager for a test run, all you need to do is go back to your Ritobin folder where you drag and drop the modified .py file into the Ritobin.cli application.

It will then convert the .py file back into .bin where it is ready to be used.

And that’s all about how to make .bin files modifiable to be used for Custom Skins!


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