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Hello everyone, and welcome to our tutorial on how to start posting on RuneForge! There are various things to keep in mind, but the whole process is simple and intuitive.

To receive permission so that you can create your own posts is quite simple. Just contact Nagiliant on Discord [Nagiliant#0001], for it to be handled swiftly, or on email [].

From there on, please provide a link to the profile that you have registered and ask to become a creator. He will come back to you as soon as you have gotten the permission to post. 


Once you have received the permission to post, go to your profile menu and go under “My Posts” or “My Drafts” 

From there simply click “Create Post” Where you will be able to access our post editor with its many tools that you can make use of and experiment with!

We do not have any standardised templates, as we encourage you to find your own creative way of showing off your work!


When you are finished setting up your post, ensure that you provide a link so people can download your creation. Please make sure to use a google drive link for the download instead of uploading it directly to the website so that we can save on storage space. 


When providing the download, you can either send the link directly, use a button that links to the download or if you have multiple downloads, you can use a collapse list or make a gallery with a picture for each download, and under the gallery settings, make each picture link to the respective mod for download. 

Once everything is finished and you are ready to post, make sure that you head to your post settings:

From there you can change your descriptions, thumbnail to be shown on the mods page, choose your category and tags, but also most importantly change your SEO! 


When changing your SEO, you can choose the embed picture when your post is shared, change the title and description. This is where we encourage you to add credits, so when the post is created, then all the necessary credits are right there!


This is all for our tutorial on how to create our on post here on RuneForge! We sincerely hope that you will join our community and that we get to see what you make!

Since we encourage you to create your own style of making posts, we also encourage you to create your own templates.

The process is quite simple, what you do is to create a post where you set up everything you think your template needs, that means text, pictures, buttons and everything.

Ensure that the post title is named “Post Template - [NAME]” so that moderators will ignore it. If you delete the post, it will be cleared either immediately or within a month. 


Once you have finished your template, all you do is save it to drafts as per below:

And that’s it! What you do whenever you want to use the template, is to go to “My Drafts” on your profile, go into the template you made, select the body and do CTRL + A then CTRL + C. 


Then when you go back to your profile and create a new post, just do CTRL + V and then the entire template is put into a new post for you to edit and make use of! 


When making your posts, you will be using your own content, that being thumbnails, gifs, and what you want to use to showcase your work. 

However, optimisation is key. If you use a large scale 1920x1080 thumbnail in .png which is 3.2mb it will clutter up website load times when over 24 posts with the same sized files gets loaded on the page at once. 

All of that for a post thumbnail that shouldn't be more than a few hundred kilobytes. 

That's why we request and require that everyone who makes use of our website and posts to use .webp and .webm

.webp will be used for your images, such as thumbnails, showcase images or whatever images you desire to use in your posts. 

Whereas .webm will be used for gifs and videos that you can use to have a more aesthetically pleasing showcase of abilities for your champion skin. 

To give context: a png thumbnail that is 1920x1080 is often 2.42mb - as jpeg it is 927kb - and as webp it is 595kb

For gifs - a Gif that is used on our Discord is 18.2mb - whereas a webm it is 477kb


This is something we will ask everyone to convert to, to ensure that our website is visually nice, but also so that it loads faster for people with poor internet and processors. You can convert your files using

Further, a matter which is important to discuss now that you have made sure all your content is either using .webp or .webm, is that your thumbnail "Cover" that you set for your post under settings actually looks nice on the page. 

The ratio we use for the thumbnails is 16:9, but as the site is responsive, it automatically makes the picture thinner in the width without compressing it. This means that if you make your thumbnail in our recommended size of 1280x720, and put a logo in the very corner, it will often be cut off halfway or not show at all, and especially if you do a showcase of your skin, you want to make sure even in its smallest state, that the important detail in the thumbnail is viewable. 

Therefore, above is a picture guide for the sizes on what you will see on max width, and what you will see when they are as thin as they can get on either the mods page or the home page. 

Simply follow the guides here for your thumbnail and for your file formats to ensure that RuneForge can function the best way possible without too long loading times.

  • That is a good question! 
    Honestly, we cannot find any quality changes visually.
    Below you will see the same picture zoomed in on as both .png and .webp.

    We will let you guess which one was originally 2.42mb or 595kb?

  • For converting your files, there are a lot of alternatives out there. But one we have used and we definitely recommend is 

    They offer nearly all the files you can start from you can imagine and files you can then convert them to. Just make sure that you select the correct file types and that for pictures you convert to .webp and for videos/gifs you do .wepm

  • We always allow all our users who can make their own posts to also edit and delete them at will. 

    This means, that you can by going to the individual posts or go to posts under your profile, edit them and update all the files there. 
    We ask of you to do this for the better of the website's loading times, but also so that everyone who visits your posts can view them without having to wait so long for it to load, that they leave the post in impatience or annoyance.

    If we find posts that are not using these files, we will inform the creator directly, and in case nothing is done, take down the posts temporarily for it to be fixed.


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