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Star Guardian Zoe Voice Pack

PLEASE NOTE: This mod works in every language but the VO is ONLY IN ENGLISH!


Mod Info:

  • Modifies Star Guardian Zoe VO | YOU MUST OWN SG ZOE TO USE THIS VO

  • Original Author: Tri Soundworks

  • Updated and Reuploaded by Jessibee

  • Mod Version: V1.2


Update Disclaimer:

I am not the original author of any mods that have a specified mod author, I only updated them so that they work again in the newest version of League of Legends. The original author is always listed under Mod Info, and I will always make it clear that I am not the original author.

If the original author wants their mod(s) to be taken down from this site, or any other sites on which I am hosting them, I will take them down again as quick as I can.

Mod authors can contact me in the Modasaurus Rose Discord server, the KillerSkins Discord server, or the RuneForge Discord server.


Voice Pack Preview:


Installation Guide:

In order to properly install this mod, please see my guide at

If your language is missing or doesn't work, please let me know on Discord (information below)



This is a Pick-and-choose Google Drive Download.

Right click the mod you want and press “Download”.



V1.2 | February 26th, 2022 | Fixed All Client Languages

V1.1 | February 25th, 2022 | Updated for LCS-Manager

V1.0 | January 21st, 2020 | Initial release by Tri Soundworks


This mod is maintained by Jessibee @ the Modasaurus Archive.

If you are in need of support, please reach out to me directly on Discord @buzzyjessibee.

I'm in the RuneForge, KillerSkins, and Modasaurus Archive Discord servers.



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