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Spirit Guard Udyr Phoenix Fix


Changes history:

November 25th:

This mod is no longer being updated/fixed or distributed in any way by me, this page is purely for display/history purposes. If you procure this mod from anyone/anywhere else, first of all that's stinky, second of all, I am not responsible for any faulty/insecure sources.

  • October 11th (reinstall required!):

-Fixed the bugged VFX for Spirit Guard Udyr, caused by the 13.20 Patch Update!

-Added an edit on Udyr's "Facepalm" emote! (see below)

  • September 17th:

Fixed something I missed in the coding to fix the Phoenix stance's missing meshes, for patch 13.17 when I had to redo all the files.

  • August 30th:

Patch 13.17 broke all Udyr mods that changed any skins before Inkshadow I have fixed and updated my download on google drive, just reinstall!

-Added the tattoos on Udyr's forehead for his base skin (see below) from his concept art.

-Flipped loading screen Splash arts and HUD icons for Black Belt and Dragon Oracle, just like Inkshadow, to face the rest of the team rather than just the Toplaner.

  • May 6th:

Swapped the music on the Dance Emote for Inkshadow Udyr with Inkshadow Master Yi's.

  • May 3rd:

Added changes for Inkshadow Udyr loading screen (with/without border) and in game HUD icon!

  • April 27th:

Bug fixed missing VFX for tiger and phoenix equipment.

  • March 3rd:

Fixed Spirit Guard's Bear stance using the wrong texture for his torso.

  • March 1st:


Context: (click for the dropdown)


This mod contains the following:

  • Udyr's "Facepalm" emote:

-Adjusted the hand-wrap's color and it properly wraps around the base of his major knuckles;

-Added the gray hairs and tweaked the hair and beard color to more closely resemble Udyr's actual pigments;

-Painted part of Udyr's Iron Boar tattoo on his forearm.


  • Inkshadow Udyr:

-HUD icon in-game and Loading Screen Splash art are both flipped to not look like he's facing away from everything;

-Border was recolored to match his splash art and green motif.

-Dance Emote's music was replaced with Inkshadow Master Yi's.


  • Spirit Guard:

-Coding fixed for Spirit Guard Udyr to properly display his extended armor upon stance upgrade and not lose the steel wings;

-Loading Screen + HUD icon have both been edited to better portray the Spirit Guard Skin;

-Custom tattoo patterns, done by me, were added for (E) Bear and (R) Phoenix to be in line with the (Q) Tiger and (W) Turtle one, which were also expanded down this chest for continuity.

  • Default:

-Tattoos remain visible even during his stances.

-Added the tattoos on Udyr's forehead for his base skin (see below) from his concept art.

  • Black Belt:

-The color of his face, fingers and palm have been altered to better match the rest of his body.

  • Primal, Definitely Not, Dragon Oracle (just upscaled):


If there are any issues/bugs that come up, contact me through the official RuneForge discord server through a ping. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @rago602 to keep up with the rest of my work as well. :]


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