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Spirit Blossom Alune (Sona)

Borderline thinkin' like Barbie

Baby, can you play Ken?


In Collaboration With:

- Duxteh2 (VFX Decals)

- rainy/mooncakephel (High Res Model Textures)


This Skin includes:

- Custom Model

- Custom Splash Art

- Redone VFX

- New Recall VFX

- New Passive VFX

Models Used:

- Spirit Blossom Alune (TFT Set 11)


Model Previews:

Spell VFX Preview:


Replaced: Base Sona

Version: 1.0


Changelog: Version 1.0

- First Release


Discord: _ronni_

Note: if you plan on doing a skin review or using it in a video please tag my Twitter @RiotRonni_, any credited artist, and link the post for the skin used. Thank you.


Known Issues:

- Casting R does not line up with the model, this is just because her animations place her higher than normal Sona. So it works the same but looks a bit lower. - Healthbar kinda blocks a bit of the model.

- During Recall, every 3.5 (roughly) seconds the vfx kinda pulses then restarts again.

Finished Additions/Planned Additions:

- No plans on SFX or Voicelines, IF you would like to do SFX or Voicelines lmk.






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