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More Boolets Jhin

What if it was him behind that mask all the time?


✨ Overview ✨

This mod puts "I need more boolets" over Jhin’s Reload and Ult Cast sounds.

It works on all skins and is generally hilarious.


✨ Mod information ✨

  • Champion: Jhin

  • Modified sounds: Reload and Ult Cast

  • Author: Wiko

  • Mod version: 1.0


✨ Description ✨

During the Noxian invasion, Ionians had to protect themselves somehow. Ionia’s best soldier – Jhin – decided to support his homeland. At some point thought, he ran out of ammo. “I need more bullets! I need more bullets!” – his battle cries echoed through the battlefield. No one answered. His fellas were too busy fighting Noxians. “Why do I always have to do everything myself?” Jhin scoffed. “Bigger weapons!” he shouted as he casted his Curtain Call. It was time to show those Noxians what he’s capable of.


✨ Credit ✨

Credits to @r.octavoc.r for the funny "I need more boolets" voiceline.


📹 Video Preview 🔥


✨ Download and socials ✨

This is a Google Drive link. Just click on download once you get there it's really that easy


Changelog 📃

Version 1.0: First Release




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