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Lux ASU (anim and visual update)

Mod Information

Champion: Lux
Modified skins: Default, Sorceress, Commando, Steel Legion, Star Guardian, Pajama Guardian, Lunar Empress, Battle Academia (all 3 versions/both prestige's and normal) , Space Groove, Porcelain and Prestige, Empyrean, Soul Fighter . This also includes all chromas for each of her skins. aka all her skins minus Imperial and Spellthief.
Author: BlooJae
Mod version: 1.0
Description: A animation update and most skins visual updated with brand new w animation, enhanced r animation and dance. This was by far the most fun of any project I have ever made. Thank you.


-New model, textures, or animations for all skins included
-Supports all champion texture quality settings

The only skins not functional with this mod are: Imperial and Spellthief (otherwise all skins her ultimate and legendaries all work still)! Credits: BlooJae- Project Lead, and Designer for all skin models MooncakePhel- Sorceress Lux Textures Froggles- Animation Lead, helped bring back animations for Space Groove Lux as well as made the r animation a high quality version of the original. Konradosj and Bearded Shepherd- Dance Animation SauronKaiser- W animation, and fixer for animation bugs.

Full Screenshots of every skin and most chromas in post below! Take a look! Thanks Remus for the video like always!


Reminder all skins except: Imperial, and Spellthief will work/ are updated (Cosmic/Dark Cosmic, Elementalist Work but just arent updated)

Skin Showcase

Soul Fighter Lux

Empyrean Lux

Porcelain Lux

Porcelain Prestige Lux

Space Groove Lux

Steel Legion Lux

Battle Academia Lux

Battle Acedemia Prestige (both versions)

Lunar Empress Lux

Pajama Guardian Lux

Star Guardian Lux

Commando Lux

Sorceress Lux

Base Lux

Changelog: October 11th 23' - Fixed Base Particles on those skins that use them.
October 16th 23' - Fixed Star Guardian and Pajama E Particles
November 26th 23'- Fixed Particles on Several Skins for Patch 13.23 April 5th 24'- Fixed Soul Fighter HUD Bugs (finally!), Healthbar fixed for 14.7




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