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K/DA All Out Samira

Singing with Style. Sees concept art > Idea > Create

Commissioned Concept Art by: Duxteh2 (


This Skin includes:

- Custom Model

- Custom Splash Arts

- Retextured Bin Files

- Some changed VFX

Models Used:

- Base Samira

- K/DA All Out Seraphine Superstar, Akali and Kai'sa

- Prestige DRX Aatrox

- Empyrean Jhin


Replaced: Default Samira

Version: 1.2


Changelog: V1.2

- Fixed some missing textures.

- (Known Issue) Whenever Samira uses her gun in any ability, a missing texture is shown, I couldn't found out why...

Changelog: V1.1.1

- Fixed coin so it no longer stays below the model.

- Fixed it for Patch 13.15



Known Issues:

- Model clips around the shoulders (Partially fixed, noticeable in some areas)

- Mouth does not move appropriately during emotes. (Weighting issue)

- Missing model in recall.

- Hands don't really hold weapons properly.

Finished Additions/Changes:

- Swapped the default Score B, A and S UI next to the health bear into K, KD, KDA. View here

- Texture Missing on the collar of the cropped jacket like in the concept art.

- Fixed coin.

It has it's fair share of flaws and that's solely because I really am not experienced like at all, so bare with me. ty :)


Ruination is coming. (probably)





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