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Inkshadow Udyr Chroma Stances


Changes history:

November 25th:

This mod is no longer being updated/fixed or distributed in any way by me, this page is purely for display/history purposes. If you procure this mod from anyone/anywhere else, first of all that's stinky, second of all, I am not responsible for any faulty/insecure sources.

  • August 30th (Reinstall required!):

Patch 13.17 broke all Udyr mods that changed any Udyr files, I have fixed and updated my download on google drive, just reinstall!

  • May 4th:



This mod contains the following:

  • Inkshadow udyr:

-Makes each different stance use it's own color-matching chroma, fully swapping all of Udyr's textures;

-It is compatible with each chroma! The chroma you choose just replaces the stance-less Udyr's textures as normal. The mod still replaces each stance no matter if you play with a chroma or not.

Fixes the mismatching beard-hair across all 5 chromas;

-Bonus: Optionally there's a download for a separate mod that changes Udyr's spell icons to match the colors of Inkshadow!


I also recommended:

Check out and download my Udyr-fix mod as well! It fixes bugs and improve Spirit Guard Udyr, upscaling his other skins. I have updated it as well to include some UI changes for Inkshadow as well:

-Flipping both his HUD Icon and Loading Screen Splash Art;

-Recolored his border to match the skin's splash art palette!

Check it out over at:


If there are any issues/bugs that come up, contact me through the official RuneForge discord server through a ping. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @rago602 to keep up with the rest of my work as well. :]


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