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How to make a custom "loadingscreen spinner"

Made by: LxVer


Breaking down gifs frame by frame

First off all, what we want to do is split our gif or video into single individual frames. You can use Bloggif for this if you're planning to use a GIF.

Once we have the gifs broken down into images, you have to pick exactly 32 of them. Keep in mind that you can repeat frames if you're just short of 32.

Next you're going to open your graphic editor of preference (In this tutorial I'll be using Photoshop). Bear in mind that the graphic editor must be able to handle transparent backgrounds, as we're working with sprites.


Placing the frames in the template

After you finish importing "Guide Photoshop.psd" or "Guide PNG" into your graphic editor of choice, you'll begin placing every frame in their respective slot.

The red bar counts as the limit of each frame. Feel free to occupy as much space in every individual block as you can.

Once done, we have to get rid of the template and save the file as a .png. Then we can convert our .png file to .dds. You can use this online converter or any other application that does it. Once done, you have to convert the file from .dds to .tex.


Converting .dds files to .tex

Converting from .dds to .tex is quite easy. You will need tex2dds; a small .exe file that only requires you to drag the .dds file into it.

When the conversion is done, we'll change the name of the file to "loadingscreen_spinner_atlas" (without quotations). After that, you will want to create a few folders. It should look something like this: [FOLDER WITH YOUR MOD NAME]/assets/ux/loadingscreen/loadingscreen_spinner_atlas.tex


Installing and testing

Next up you'll want to try the mod. Open cslol-manager.exe and drag the [FOLDER WITH YOUR MOD NAME] to it. Turn your new mod on, hit run and go into a game.

If your mod is not working or you've had issues please feel free to send a DM to LxVer8 or the help channel from Runeforge Discord Server.




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