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Gnar: Pentakill Superfan

Base champion: Gnar

Skin: Default

Author: Sauronkaiser

Description: Gnar Superfan from TFT ported to the Summoner's Rift with some extra content made by me.


-New model and textures.

-New sounds.

-New Splashart loading screen.

-New Dance animation

-A cool Boomerang that gets Yorick mains angry.

Quick Spotlight:


2 in total (choose one):

-Main mod.

-No modified sounds in abilities.

Note: Both versions include the modified dance with sound.

-Download Gnar Superfan Main mod:

-Download Gnar Superfan No sounds in abilities:

Note: This is a drive link. Press on the download button to get the .fantome file.

Then just drag it into LoLCSmanager


-29/11/2023: First official release


-Model and textures extracted from TFT

-Sounds extracted from different Pentakill songs

-Q model extracted from Yorick PK3.

-Dance animation and Q effect made by me.

-"Why can't I have a hat" quote extracted from a Nickyboi Sketch.

Like the mod?

Check the rest of my work in my profile!

My discord tag: Sauronkaiser#3870


-Are mods bannable?

Mods are tagged by Riot Games as "Use at your own risk".

However, no bans have been recorded outside of Asian servers in more than 3 years, even between people who openly stream or record videos with custom skins, and some rioters have openly said that they kinda like the mods community, (even though they can't directly support it for obvious reasons).

From my point of view there is no real risk unless you play in a server from Asia.

Important to mention that hack-skins (Using mods to change a champion's default skin to one of his official skins) are NOT allowed.

-I want to try this mod but I never installed mods and don't know how. What do I do?

Visit this page to see installation instructions.

-I want to get into mod-making myself. How can I begin? Do I need previous experience in something?

You can learn modding even if you don't have any experience in anything related with modeling, texturing, etc. It just demands time and pacience, and don't hestiate in asking for help to other members of the community if you get stuck and can't get a solution to a problem in any tutorial.

Follow the community tutorials in your first steps to get the bases and from there is just keep going and learning.

For beginners tutorials, check this link.




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