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GLITT3RB0MB Ziggs [Battle Boss]


Mod Information:

GLITT3RB0MB Ziggs mod changes the model of Ziggs' Battle Boss skin, also includes:

  • recolored VFX;

  • special loading screen name, splash art + in-game HUD icon;

  • Q/E/R props have fitting models;

  • recall animation replaced with his dance and has special music from TFT!



  • Due to not wanting to break ToS when it comes to custom skins, you have to own and equip the Battle Boss skin in order to play with this custom skin. This is due to the fact that most of the VFX is the skin's, but recolored.

  • I do also want to apologize in advance for the lame recall animation - VFX mismatch, I have not worked with animation much as of right now, my intention for the recall was adjusting Ziggs' dance emote to fit the recall timing better and then have him jump in the portal at the end just like his OG Battle Boss skin. No promises, but if I find someone to help me with it and/or I figure it out, this will be added in a later update which will only require a reinstall! (if this happens there will be a notice at the top of the page below the download button)


If there are any issues/bugs that come up with the mod, feel free to contact me through the official RuneForge Discord server through a ping. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @rago602 to keep up with the rest of my work as well. :]


❝ Oh yeah — science smells like burning! ❞




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