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Fixing bugged VFX transparency



Left are are DEFAULT Soraka particles. and right are lux particles edited by me.

This is caused by .bins using an incorrect blendmode or having the image in the wrong way.

In Sorakas case she uses the same particle for Q heal passive effect on her and the Q missile head.

The way her textures are set up is not compatible, one of those is always gonna be bugged.

Black background texture, blendmode 4

Black background texture, blendmode 1

In order for a texture with a transparent background to show up properly, the blendmode of the emitter has to be 1.

A texture with a black background will show up properly on a blendmode 4.


How to Fix It

  1. Load the .bin(s) with incorrect blendmodes as .py in a coding program.

  2. Search for the name of the bugged looking texture after determining if it’s a texture with transparency or black background

  3. Look at the whole emitter it is in and look for a “blendmode” value, it’s usually around the top and around “birthColor”. If you cannot find one, it’s already set to 1 as 1 is default.

  1. Now change your blendmode to the correct one.

  2. Make sure every time this texture is mentioned it uses the same blendmode.

  3. If you need blendmode 4 and there is no blendmode value: simply add it anywhere in the top part of the emitter, before the “pass:” value.






So when do/should you use this?

Blendmode 4 with a black background lightens the texture.

Blendmode 1 with transparent background in comparison is really dark.





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