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Empyrean Kennen

id like to thank my friend Kevin. P for making this my main and making me into a dedicated League Player. Not Addict.


Credit to wherever this came from, cuz I was excited about it. Just for it not to exist.


This Skin includes:

- Custom Model (Model in E is also changed)

- Six Custom Chromas and an Event Chroma (Neon Flare)

- Changed and Recolored VFX

- Recolored Bins

- Funny Taunt that is broken but whatever lol

Models Used:

- Infernal Kennen

- Astronaut Kennen

- Empyrean Jax, Vex, and Pyke


Model Preview: Base Chroma

(In Order) Roze Quartz, Neon Flare, Emerald, Sapphire, Pearl, Ruby, and Turquoise

Note: the VFX is the same for all Chromas. So pick one of the fantome files to download.


Replaced: Default Kennen

Version: 1.1


Discord: _ronni_

Note: if you plan on doing a skin review or using it in a video please tag my Twitter @RitoRonni, any credited artist, and link the post for the skin used. Thank you.


Known Issues:

- The Taunt's model is really scuffed lol.

Finished Additions/Changes:

- Chromas

- Teemo Dance (GIF)






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