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DMC5 Deadweight as Blitzcrank

Mod info For BASE SKIN Blitzcrank only. Will not work with other skins Description I woke up in a cold sweat and realized that Nero and Blitzcrank share too many abilities. And then my quest started. My version standard is as follows: <MAJOR UPDATE NUMBER>.<MINOR UPDATE NUMBER>.<LEAGUE VERSION>.<LEAGUE VERSION> IE, version = 1 major update, 8 minor updates, last tested on 13.14. This skin might honestly make you a worse Blitzcrank player, but at least you'll look stylish

Important Info This mod will ONLY work for en_us (English United States) clients. This mod has no support for any other foreign language! Credits: I give 100% credit to CAPCOM for using their Nero assets. Their beautiful model makes Riot look like they are messing with Play-Doh.


All the animations look terrible. I know, because I made them by hand from scratch. Also, his ult causes him to freeze because I forgot to trim the length down, and his channel and laugh anim are missing. But it adds charm to the skin, AND YOURE FREAKING NERO!!!!


Ask me! Send me a DM and I'll give you whatever file you need to get started! Just please, try to credit me somehow! I LOVE CLOUT. RAAAAAAAAAHHHH

(I'd love it if some GOOD animator pulled up and asks to reanimated my trashy anims. I'd give the files away in a heartbeat)





Hero Banner.webp
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