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Debonair & Crime City Nightmare Jhin

Both skins are incomplete specifically VFX and Bins files mainly because I'm still in school. So I got things due mhm. And I am really happy with the models so I wanted to post it so here ya go.


Debonair Jhin and his masterful plan to rule Valoran City and kill Brand. With or without the help of the Crime City's Nightmares.

Twitter: @FantasticFinal1 Reddit: u/Oracle_chan

Debonair Jhin Art Crime City Nightmare Jhin Art


The Skins include:

- Custom Models

- Custom Trap Model

- Custom Splash Arts

- Some changed VFX

Models Used: Debonair

- Base Jhin

- Debonair Master Yi and Leblanc

- Crime City Nightmare Akali

- Arcana Lucian

- Lunar Beast Aphelios

Models Used: Crime City Nightmare

- Base Jhin

- Crime City Nightmare Twisted Fate, Darius, and Zyra

- High Noon Lucian


Both Replaced: Default Jhin

Version: 1.0


Discord: _ronni_

Note: if you plan on doing a skin review or using it in a video please tag my Twitter @RitoRonni, any credited artist, and link the post for the skin used. Thank you.


Known Issues:

- Debonair Jhin's Border is very yeah no good. I will fix it when or if I find a higher-quality version.

- Both of Jhin's Capes are EXTREMELY WAVY and I like them since it looks better than when it is stuck in place with the legs.

- Clipping with model mainly capes.

Finished Additions/Changes:

- N/A





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