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Astolfo Ezreal

average polish male, now in league of legends


✨ Overview ✨

This mod replaces Ezreal with Astolfo. Right now it only changes the model, and loadingscreen/HUD icons, but I will add a voiceover later too.


✨ Mod information ✨

  • Champion: Ezreal

  • Modified skin: Base

  • Author: Wiko

  • Mod version: 1.2


✨ Features ✨

  • New model and texture

  • Modified loadingscreen

  • Modified in-game icons

  • New voiceover (soon)


✨ Credits ✨

  • Credits to NouveauOceana for making the model. I just ported it to League of Legends lol

  • Credits to drosari for making the sword model

  • Special thanks to everyone from the discord who helped me making this mod


📹 Preview 🔥

Sword added in the 1.2 update

✨ Download and socials ✨

Once you go to the Google Drive link, you will see a .fantome file and a folder called “Voiceover”. The folder is currently empty because I didn’t finish the voiceover yet. Download only the .fantome, and stay tuned, because the voiceover update is coming sooner or later!


Changelog 📃

Version 1.2: Silly sword added :3

  • Gave him a sword on Ctrl+1

Version 1.1: HUD Improvements

  • Loading screen splash, HUD icons

Version 1.0: First Release




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