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Hello everyone, and welcome to our tutorial on how to export League of Legends’ files so you can make your very own custom skin. The program that we use on RuneForge is an application by Crauzer–called Obsidian

When installing the program, make sure that you have the latest release installed, you can confirm as such on github:

Where you install the program by downloading the Obsidian .Zip file on GitHub.

When opening the .zip file or when extracting it to a folder, simply open the Obsidian.exe file to start the program.


There are various different types of files one might wish to edit as a League of Legends modder, that being from Champions, Maps, etc. but for this tutorial, we will be using our very own Aatrox as reference. 

What we do is that we go to our League of Legends files, and find the relevant folder the .wad.client file is in for Aatrox.

If you saved your game directly in your C:/ Drive, then it will be located in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Game\DATA\FINAL\Champions where you can find Aatrox in there.

Note: The [Champion].[language_REGION].wad.client is for the local voice lines of the champion. Meaning that Aatrox.en_US.WAD.CLIENT is his English Voice Lines.

Once you have found your file, simply copy the file path at the top of your file explorer so you can find it on Obsidian.


Now, open Obsidian.exe and wait for it to load. Whereafter you go to the menu at the top, click the box icon and click open, where you paste in the file path you copied, and find the .wad.client file you want to extract.

From there you go through the file and find the textures, model or anything that you wish to edit on Aatrox. In our example, we just want his base textures which can be found under Assets/Characters/Aatrox/Skins/Base


Where we then click the boxes next to the files we wish to extract:

From there we go back to the top menu under the box icon, and click “Extract Selected” where we select the folder that we want to extract his files in. 


And that’s all! Now you have extracted the files you want to edit to make your very own custom skin.


This is all for our tutorial on how to export League of Legends files with Obsidian! We sincerely hope that you will join our community and that we get to see what you make!

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