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Hello everyone, and welcome to our tutorial on how to become a Verified Creator on RuneForge! It is a simple process so that you can start earning from the Adsense we run.

To become a Verified Creator you need to be of the age of 18 or above as you will be providing a photo ID and signing a contract. Should you be 16 or above, we can work on a solution with parental/guardian consent.  


So please do prepare a valid/non-expired Photo ID e.g. a Driver’s License or a Passport to ensure you have the required verification documents already at hand. 


Further, in order to do pay-outs, we require your international banking information. If you are unsure of what banking information we require, please do contact Nagiliant on Discord [Nagiliant#0001], for it to be handled swiftly, or on email [].

Once you have everything ready, contact Nagiliant on the abovementioned places, where he will then provide you with the Verified Creator contract. 


The contract requires you to provide all your legal animation, that being your full name, your date of birth, address registered with the government and National ID number.

We also request you to provide an email, where we can contact you in regards to payouts or other matters. 

Once you have filled in all the information requested on the first page, then please mark the date of when you have signed the contract on the last page, together with providing your signature above the signature line, and your full name in plain text under the signature line. 

Once everything is filled, please go over it and ensure that everything is correct without error.


Once everything is filled, please save the pdf with the saved information (if done digitally) or scan it (if done physically) and send it directly to where it will be securely processed.

In the very same mail that you send the signed contract in, please provide your banking information for international transfers along with a clear, non-covered and valid Photo ID where all 4 corners of the front are clearly visible. 


Only send the contract and ID directly to as it cannot be processed securely elsewhere. 


Once you have sent the email, do notify Nagiliant on Discord [Nagiliant#0001] where he will then process the contract for you and inform you both on Email and Discord once it has been processed and approved. 


Should there be any inconsistencies or issues with the processing, you will be guided on how to proceed next. 


And that’s it! Once you have received the signed back contract, you will officially  be a Verified Creator at RuneForge and will receive Return of Adsense as per contract. 


This is all for our tutorial on how to Verified Creator on RuneForge! We sincerely hope that you will join our community and that we get to see what you make!

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