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RuneForge, as a product of Natoken LLC, has Acquired KillerSkins. This means that all ownership of assets has been transferred over to RuneForge and its owners. 

This transfer of ownership have been done by the discussion and agreement between TheKillerey who stepped down from his position as site owner (Owner of KillerSkins) and Nagiliant (Owner of RuneForge). This Agreement has been made with the clear intent of what is of the best interest for the future of the League of Legends Custom Skin Community. 

This Acquisition means, that all assets which are recoverable and transferable from KillerSkins assets over to RuneForge assets until the date of closure for both the KillerSkins Website and Discord Server which has been planned for the 31st of January 2024.

RuneForge has promised TheKillerey, that there will be given ample time for Creators to transfer all valuable resources and mods over to RuneForge sites and servers, and that any decision made during the acquisition shall be communicated clearly to him and his community. 

For any questions or inquiries related to the Acquisition, you can contact the RuneForge team directly on our DISCORD or check our contact page. 

We strongly believe that the two sites coming together will mean a greater future for the community as a whole, and are hopeful for even greater times for us all ahead. 

- The RuneForge Team

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